Southern Heat Collectibles is a store by collectors, for collectors. We care about getting you the products you love and getting them to you safe and sound. As collectors in the south we noticed that there is a disadvantage to being a collector down here: barely any specialty toy and collectible stores! Thus we were born, to fill that hole with the best customer service and safest shipping possible.

Pre-Orders Charge Immediately

Refund & Cancellation Policy

All pre-orders can be cancelled or edited within 24 hours of purchase, cancellations are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. After 24 hours all orders are FINAL. This is because we place our orders based on demand and we can't cancel ours either. 

Purchases of in stock items are final, no cancellations or returns allowed. 

In the case of a damaged product, just shoot us an email! Although we are not liable for damage that occurs do to mishandling by the postal service, we will help you resolve the issue, insurance claims can be filed if the order was shipped via priority mail.

If we mess up with our packaging, we will do everything we can to make it right! 

Shipping Policy

We know how to ship! As collectors ourselves we care deeply about the condition of items and make sure to ship products to you how we would want them shipped to us, an advantage to ordering from us as opposed to the big box stores who just throw stuff in boxes and ship it off. 

  • All products are shipped bubble wrapped and in a BOX, not a bag. 
  • Orders of 1-3 Funko Pops will be shipped bubble wrapped in a box.
  • Orders of 4 or more Funko Pops will be shipped in a box in a box.
    • We fill in the space around the interior box to assure it doesn't move around during shipping.

In the case of an order being returned to us due to address issues, we will contact you to get the correct information and will charge you for the additional postage. If there is no response we will charge a 25% restocking fee. 

Expected Shipping Dates

Expected shipping dates are exactly that, expected. At the end of the day we are at the mercy of our suppliers when it comes to getting the products in. If a supplier changes the expected arrival date, we will let you know. A change in expected shipping date will not warrant refunds or compensation to any degree. Thank you for understanding that they are not in our control.